Versatile New Vacall AllSweep Models Clean Highways, Runways,Catch Basins and More

August 16, 2011

New Philadelphia, OH — Powerful sweeping capabilities, an intelligent control system and a single engine design are three features that set new Vacall AllSweep combination catch basin cleaners and venue sweepers apart from traditional street sweepers.

Designed by Gradall Industries for high-performance cleanup jobs, Vacall AllSweep models have a massive sweep system that's wider than the width of the sweeper vehicle, enabling it to clear large debris quickly from highways, parking venues and runways.

Using either a single or dual sweep system, AllSweep machines have full-width nozzles and gutter brooms along with a 16,500 CFM centrifugal fan to collect litter, stones, asphalt millings and debris. When encountering obstacles, operators can use a new position memory feature to raise and then restore nozzle height.

Beyond its exceptional sweeper capabilities, AllSweep models are available with an optional catch basin attachment, allowing municipalities to own one machine with multiple uses. High-power vacuum tubes are available in various sizes, using the industry's greatest vacuum forces to quickly remove leaves, rocks and debris from roadside catch basins, ditches and curb strips.

When it's not in use, the vacuum hose, tubes and boom fold neatly against the new tailgate mechanism. At the end of the day, the standard tailgate opens, closes and locks hydraulically, speeding up the debris dumping process.

To further improve operating efficiency, AllSweep models are equipped with the new Vacall-AllSmartFlow™ CAN bus control system that monitors machine performance on a colored LCD display screen. Maximizing operating efficiency, the control system allows for more precise water flow and vacuum adjustments using a fully proportional pendant, either wired or wireless to make productive control away from the chassis possible.

While other sweepers require two engines, the AllSweep uses just one. Using the chassis engine to also power the machine's high-performance centrifugal blower and vacuum can dramatically reduce pollution, fuel consumption and routine engine maintenance time and cost while also helping to control the overall cost of the machine.

When the sweeper is in use, a new hydrostatic drive system controls chassis travel speed while maintaining a specific RPM level to deliver consistent hydraulic power, water flow, vacuum forces and other cleanup functions – a revolutionary concept to assure excellent performance for multi-function equipment using a single engine.

The rugged debris tank, which is available in various capacities, is designed for strength and durability, fabricated with reinforced steel to withstand punishment while picking up rocks, stones and asphalt millings. All tanks have a durable powder coat finish, while optional stainless steel tanks have a lifetime warranty.

Some other attractive features include a 600-gallon-capacity water system, allowing for longer runs and less re-filling time. A new silencer, reducing noise during operation, has an easy-to-clean filter at ground level. The hydraulic system also has easily accessible gauges and ground level filter change and routine service points.

To learn more about Vacall AllSweep models, call 800-382-8302 or visit to find an authorized distributor.

Vacall products, wholly owned by the Alamo Group, are designed, built and supported by Gradall Industries, Inc., with processes that meet ISO 9001-2008 standards. Gradall is known worldwide for productive, versatile equipment for governments and contractors.

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