AllExcavate Excels on Gas and Oil Drilling Sites
for Frac Tank Cleanout and More

The Vacall high-performance hydro excavator is the optimum frac tank cleanup solution.

AllExcavate models deliver superior water pressure and vacuum forces needed by the petroleum industry to safely expose underground infrastructure, clean frac tanks and vessels, clean drilling rigs and prepare surface areas for tie-in installation and repair. The AllExcavate uses the chassis engine to also provide power for vacuum and jetting — a unique design that slashes fuel consumption, eliminates emissions from a second engine and reduces costs and downtime for routine maintenance.

Features and Benefits:
  • Clean out frac tanks and vessels fast
  • Quickly expose underground utility lines
  • Blast away mud and dirt from drilling rigs and trucks
  • Carefully clear soil from infrastructure
  • Prepare surface areas for the tie-in installation
  • Available with attractive pricing plans
  • Designed, Manufactured, Sold and Supported by Gradall®
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