Vacall unique dual system ideal for bridge resurfacing

Each year, IVS Hydro, Inc., of Waverly, West Virginia, removes over a million square feet of various concrete surfaces on roads, parking garages, bridges and piers throughout the U.S. Founded in 1972, IVS Hydro has consistently invested in the best hydrodemolition equipment - machines that can work quickly to complete projects fast and minimize traffic flow downtime - building a reputation for optimum safety and efficiency.

The Vacall versatility advantage

IVS Hydro's latest investment in modern hydrodemolition technology is their recent purchase of a Vacall 14D with dual jet cleaners and a pair of high-performance vacuum intakes.

In effect, the unique dual system can pick up debris and wash down the surface in about half the time it takes for a conventional sweeper-cleaner. Plus, the machine requires less manual labor, creating another significant cost savings given the company's volume of work over a year's time.

IVS Hydro used its new Vacall for a 350-foot bridge-resurfacing job along State Rt. 19 near Beckley, West Virginia. After a high-pressure hydro-milling machine removed 3 inches of concrete to expose the steel supports, the Vacall was used to clear about 4 inches of fine sediment and gravel-sized chunks of concrete left behind.

Without the Vacall, the cleanup process involves a crew of workers manually maneuvering a large hose that vacuums the debris into a vacuum truck. Another cleanup alternative involves the use of a large air compressor or fire hose that moves the debris to the end of the work area where workers manually scoop the debris into a truck.

"Normally, we have a vacuum truck and several guys who use a hose to pick up the debris," said Lyle Moore, Hydro Demolition Supervisor and 25-year employee of IVS Hydro. "With the Vacall, I only need one guy driving the Vacall and another making sure he's on the right line. In about three passes, we have removed all of the leftover debris, high-pressure washed the surface and removed nearly all the excess water."

The Vacall 14D has a 14-cubic-yard debris tank built with heavy-gauge galvanized steel that is engineered with an easy-dump tilting tailgate. The debris tank, which is covered by a lifetime warranty, has three drains that allow for trouble-free water dumping to increase storage capacity and keep weight low. To keep workers on the job longer, the water tanks carry 420 gallons of water.

At the request of IVS Hydro, the Vacall 14D was equipped with the dual 48-inch pick-up vacuums that produce 5 Hg and 16,500 cfm – the industry's highest powered vacuum. Each pick-up is equipped with a series of high-pressure water nozzles located at the front of the vacuums, which break up the sediment for easier pick-up and clean the surface in the same pass.

The Vacall leaves the surface ready for the next crew to apply the cap layer.

"We know the Vacall product very well and we knew what we wanted when we ordered this machine," said Moore. "The guys at Vacall gave us exactly what we wanted."

For more information visit For a demo, call 330-339-2211. Vacall products are designed, manufactured and supported by Gradall Industries, Inc., a world leader in pioneering hydraulic technologies.

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