For Allan Cagle, A Florida Pipeline Cleaning Contractor, The Vacall Recycler Makes a Difference

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For Atlantic Pipe Services of Sanford, Florida, having two Vacall AllJetVac combo sewer cleaners with Recycler attachments has dramatically improved its on-the-job productivity while also recognizing environmental concerns.

Allan Cagle Atlantic Pipe Services

"Two main points for me, and how I market our services, are all about going green and how efficiently we can work," said Allan Cagle, owner of Atlantic Pipe, which markets itself as "Florida's commercial pipeline cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation specialists."

"A lot of my work is new construction, so if I can pull up on a jobsite and clean their pipes without having to break down and decant and get water—all the typical things that a standard vac truck has to do throughout the day—that’s saving my client time and that’s a great selling point. I'm charging you the same as the other guys, but because I don't have to stop, I'm at your site working at least two to three hours longer."

With a Recycler option, he advises filling the jetting tank with clean water at the beginning of the day. As water is jetted for cleaning, it is being continuously vacuumed back out of the pipes, put through a five-step filter process and then returned to the water tank to continue the jetting. Another Recycler strategy is to start the day by vacuuming water from sewer lines and filtering for jetting, avoiding the initial clean water fill up.

Either way, the process saves millions of gallons of treated water each year and eliminates the continual need to stop work to go for water refills.

Vacall AllJetVac combo sewer cleaner with Recycler option

The water savings is a big advantage in business growth with municipalities, Cagle believes. "We sell to the service director in municipalities. They know how to get funding for work with these types of trucks if you sell them on the sustainability issue."

On jobs involving new construction, or when hurricanes and heavy summer rains wash a lot of Florida sand into sewer lines, Cagle has learned to adjust his operating strategy.

"Snotty mud is hard to recycle," he said. "Thick liquid material does not easily recycle. So to help out on the recirculating for those kinds of jobs, I bought a 6-inch to 2-inch reducer cam lock for the debris tank. We fill the debris tank 60 percent full of clean water, and also fill the water tanks with clean water. That way, we're starting off recycling with all clean water, and we can recycle longer."

Cagle's goal is to clean a certain number of sewer line feet per day.

"I have light cleaning, heavy cleaning and hourly cleaning," he said. "The storm water goal is 1,500 to 2,000 feet per day. Sewer pipe is 2,500 to 3,500 feet. We can do that easily with an AJV equipped with a Recycler."

Cagle adds that his crews find Vacall AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners to be operator-friendly.

Vacall AllJetVac sewer cleaner is easy to operate

"My guys love the Parker hose you have on the trucks," he said. "It doesn’t have the memory that the other hoses have. They want to curl and my guys have to fight with it down in the manhole. They love the Parker hose.

"They also love the swivel, and other items that get a lot of wear. The tow rope is in the front instead of in the back. And Vacall doesn't have a bunch of covers and shrouds and stuff, so the components are easy to get to for parts replacement and service.

"They are well thought-out and designed as far as maintenance issues," he continued. "They've got half the switches and components (compared with other brands of sewer cleaners). A private contractor like myself looks for fewer things to maintain, fewer things to break out in the field, fewer electrical components… but machines that can do the exact same kind of work."

Cagle got his first taste of the Recycler's capabilities when he demoed two trucks with G.S. Equipment, his local Vacall distributor.

"We have a great working relationship with GSE," he said. "I don’t care what you buy, everybody tries to build the best, but it's made by humans so it can break down. The support that is behind that vehicle is what makes me buy the second one. A salesman sells the first truck to you; it's the product support that sells the second one. We've bought two machines from GSE and we're hoping to buy a third this year. At the end of the day, it's the support.

"With Vacall," Cagle concluded, "we're not breaking down. We're on the jobsites every day, pushing hard, getting it done and moving to the next one."

See How the Recycler Works

Watch the video to learn more about how the Vacall AllJetVac with Recycler option can help boost your company's productivity.

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