Utility's evaluation of sewer maintenance machines results in new preference for Vacall

Profile 06 : Ypsilanti, MI

The Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority operates a conscientious program to provide top quality, cost effective and environmentally safe water and wastewater services to customers in both the city of Ypsilanti as well as Ypsilanti Township, not far from Detroit, Michigan. Keenan Crump, transmission and distribution supervisor, says the authority requires quality, reliable equipment that’s easy to maintain and easy to operate in any condition and in any weather, including Ypsilanti's harsh winters. Not long ago, he said the authority settled on a new preference in sewer cleaning trucks after a thorough evaluation and many years of experience with other leading brands.

The Vacall versatility advantage

"The Vacall AllJetVac is a basic workhorse with a lot of power, and we're very pleased with it," said Crump. The combination jet/vac machine, he said, is easy to operate, easy to dump and easy to service – especially because it has just one engine.

The Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority provides drinking water to about 110,000 people and wastewater services to 250,000, with an average daily flow of 22.3 MGD into the wastewater treatment plant.

"We work about every day on our flushing program, maintaining about 263 miles of sewer lines as well as our lift stations," said Crump of his staff of 18 people.

"We're serious about keeping our equipment in good shape, so we try to take one day a week for maintenance, cleaning and rinsing the machines. We keep them inside, out of the weather, and as you can see, our machine look and operate very well."

Operators said they find the Vacall machines easier to use than other sewer cleanout brands. "Other machines can be very complex," said Crump. "We need machines that all of our guys can operate."

The AllSmartFlow™ smart controls, which are standard, make it easy to monitor water flow and quantity, while controls for the vacuum boom simplify the process of positioning a nd r eplacement in the upper rack. The hose reel on the front of their P Series model moves easily to simplify running hose into sewer lines and then retracting them.

Utility workers also prefer the design and position of the water tanks – higher to avoid damage and easier to get under to work on the truck chassis.

"We also like the fact that the Vacall is quieter, with just one engine running," said Crump. "You can actually talk while it's running."

Learn more about Vacall AJV Models here. For a demo, call 330-339-2211. Vacall products are designed, manufactured and supported by Gradall Industries, Inc., a world leader in pioneering hydraulic technologies.

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