City workers find street cleaning more efficient with
new state‑of‑the‑art equipment

Profile 04 : New Philadelphia, Ohio

Like most cities of all sizes, New Philadelphia, Ohio, faces the task of clearing away debris and keeping streets clean year-round. In the autumn, especially, picking up leaves from curb strips, along the center strips on divided roads and clearing catch basins also is important to keep rain runoff draining efficiently.

The city of New Philadelphia, however, has an added advantage: that's where Gradall Industries designs, refines and manufactures Vacall AllSweep combination vacuum street sweepers, often giving the city workers the opportunity to try out state-of-the-art machines in exchange for their critiques and suggestions.

The Vacall versatility advantage
AllSweep combination vacuum street sweepers are designed for high-performance vacuum and disposal work for street cleanup, parking lots, airport runways and street re-surfacing projects

New AllSweep models are specifically designed for high-performance vacuum and disposal work, making them ideal for street cleanup as well as parking lots, airport runways and even street re-surfacing projects.

"I liked the sweeper the city bought two years ago, but the more I use this new model, the more I like it" said Terry Brick, an employee of the city street department.

"I especially like the 'creeper mode' feature,"" he added. Using that feature, the machine's hydrostatic drive is adjusted by the exclusive Vacall feature, AllSmartFlow™ operating system, allowing the operator to select a comfortable chassis speed for sweeping.

"I set it at 2.4 mph, and that's exactly how fast it goes," said Brick, noting that there's no longer a need to ride the brake and accelerator to achieve a desirable speed. When the accelerator is pressed, the chassis moves at the speed that was selected; when the accelerator is released, the chassis stops. At the same time, the new system saves on brake wear and fuel.

AllSweep combination street sweeper catch basin cleaner vacuums leaves out of a catch basin

Brick said the model he was using had dual sweep capability, which is more effective picking up debris and leaves on city streets. "I can run both sweep brooms at the same time, cleaning a wider path," he said.

"Dual brooms are especially great on a street that has a center strip," added Fred Neff, superintendent of the city garage. "Without the second broom on the left side, we need to run the machine against traffic flow to clean the area against the inside curb. That's something we'd rather not do."

Dual brooms on the Vacall AllSweep street sweeper are idea for streets with a center strip.

The new model also has two fixed position deflector brooms to keep debris from moving to the opposite side of the machine, feeding debris into the vacuum without the need for a mechanically driven transfer broom.

"I like the tilt control, too," said Brick, noting that he can position the brooms at angles to effectively accommodate cleanup on sloped highways or variations in pavement next to gutters and berms.

Another day, the AllSweep was used to remove leaves from a catch basin, to allow for clear rainwater runoff. After using a hook and rear boom to remove the grate, the operator used the rear hose with extensions to reach down into the catch basin and extract leaves.

Rear hosevacuum on the Vacall AllSweep is used to vacuum up large piles of leaves on curb strips

In yet another neighborhood, the rear hose vacuumed up large piles of leaves on curb strips, again using the "creeper mode" to continuously move down the street.

According to Bill Petrole, Gradall Industries' vice president for Vacall products, the new AllSweep model also has the unique advantage of having just one engine to operate the chassis and the sweeper.

"Our single engine advantage," he said, "allows our machines to emit a lower level of emissions, they use less fuel and they require about half as much routine service time and cost."

"After we tried the new AllSweep machine for a couple weeks, our operators met with the Vacall engineers for feedback," said Neff. "After that, they made certain changes and let us test them again for more opinions."

Neff says he thinks the arrangement is a win-win for the city. "We help a local business that's a big contributor to the city's income tax base, and we get to clean up city streets with state-of-the-art equipment," he said.

Learn more about Vacall AllSweep street sweeping units. For a demo, call 330-339-2211. Vacall products are designed, manufactured and supported by Gradall Industries, Inc., a world leader in pioneering hydraulic technologies.

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