Vacall Case Histories

The Vacall family of sewer cleaners, catch basin cleaners, street sweepers, industrial vacuum loaders and
hydro excavators are some of the most durable and versatile on the market. Read our latest examples of Vacall machines being used in versatile situations.

If you have a good application in which you are using a Vacall machine, please contact us. We are always looking for good examples of our machines being put to good use.

View the latest examples of Vacall versatility:
  • Recycler Dramatically Improves Florida Pipeline Cleaning Contractor's Productivity

    Two Vacall AllJetVac combo sewer cleaners with Recycler attachments have dramatically improved on-the-job productivity while also recognizing environmental concerns.

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  • Versatile Vacall AllSweep is Busy Every Day at Milwaukee Airport

    The versatile, productive AllSweep sweeper is an important maintenance tool for a busy airport, including the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

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  • Water Recycling Feature on AllJetVac Saves Time and Water During Sewer Cleaning

    City of New Philadelphia puts AJV with Recycler Water Recycling System to the test, running for two days without needing to fill the water tank.

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  • AllSweep Model Efficiently Handles Rubber Tire Infill Removal From Playground

    Buckeye Career Center uses Vacall AllSweep to remove a 10-inch-deep layer of rubber infill in a playground area adjacent to its preschool training facility.

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  • AllJetVac Versatility Pays Off on Big Root Clearing Projects

    To tackle its big root problem, the city of Statesville, North Carolina combined the advantages of the city's Vacall AllJetVac combination sewer cleaner along with an easement machine and a chain cutter.

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  • Massive Wind Farm Project Relies on Vacall Hydro Excavators for Critical On-Site Safety Exploration Work.

    Vacall AllExcavate Hydro Excavators are used to verify the location and depth of undergorund gas, utility and fiber optic lines shown on existing maps.

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  • Utility's Evaluation of Sewer Maintenance Machines Results in New Preference for Vacall Models

    After thorough analysis, Vacall AllJetVac is chosen for ease of operation, dumping and service, and its reliance on just one engine.

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  • Massive Hurricane Cleanup Puts High-Performance Vacall AllJetVac and AllVac Machines to Work

    Haas Environmental Inc. of South Hampton, N.J., used several Vacall machines to restore vital services and to reopen the storm drains and sanitary sewer system after Hurricane Sandy.

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  • City Workers Find Street Cleaning More Efficient With New State-of-the-Art Equipment

    Like most cities of all sizes, New Philadelphia, Ohio faces the autumn tasks of picking up leaves from curb strips and clearing catch basins in preparation to handle winter rain runoff.

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  • Superior Vacuum Power Increases Efficiency on Bridge Resurfacing

    Each year, IVS Hydro, Inc., of Waverly, West Virginia, removes over a million square feet of various concrete surfaces on roads, parking garages, bridges and piers throughout the U.S.

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  • Muscular Fleet of Vacall AJV Combo Models Meets Extra Needs
    of Industrial Cleaning Firm

    Six Vacall AJV models recently purchased by McRae's handle jobs that entail everything from cleaning large diameter pipes, lagoons, tailings sites and ponds to hydro excavating.

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  • Leaking City Water Lines Repaired Faster With Efficient Hydro Excavation

    The AllJetVac 1215, the latest in the line of Vacall combination sewer cleaners and
    hydro excavators, is being used to locate leaks and make repairs in a fraction of the time required by the old methods.

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