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The innovative Vacall AllSmartFlow™ control system is standard on all Vacall jet-vac models, bringing added "Green That Works" advantages to powerful Vacall machines.

With AllSmartFlow, you can:

Control water usage with precise water flow and jetting action

Reduce fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary trips for water refills

Build operating efficiency, reducing machine operating time, including the use of either a wired and wireless programmable pendent, giving the operator a better view of the work

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Control Systems

Vacall AllSmartFlow Controls
Vacall AllSmartFlow Controls LCD Panel


AllSmartFlow controls are managed using a color LCD screen, giving the operator accurate information to make precise machine function adjustments.

The New Vacall AllSmartFlow Auto Valve System

Introducing the Vacall Auto Valve System option on AllJetVac models, designed to improve operator efficiency and simplify switching water functions with the press of a button. The AVS option allows operators to switch from jetting, to washdown, or optional tank flush from the AllSmartFlow control panel. This new innovation also includes a new electric switch bank for raising or lowering the debris tank and tailgate and turning on or off the tank vibrator or sludge pump to be mounted anywhere on the truck.

Easy to learn, simple to operate

All electric system

Switch water functions from jetting, washdown, or optional tank flush and excavation with a simple press of a button

No need to open/close manual water valves on the water manifold

New remote-mounted electrical switches to raise and lower debris tank and tailgate

Compatible with front and rear AllJetVac configurations

Works with belly pack remote control for operation of all functions with a better view of the working or dumping area

Vacall AllSmartFlow Auto Valve System in Use